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About Oakleaf

We Grow Business

Your business vision creates an opportunity to overcome challenges and develop a profitable strategy.

Learn how Oakleaf Group can take your company to the next level. From strategy to restructuring your business, we will work with you to fine tune all the intricate details that make your business and brand desirable to your customers. Whether it be strategy, development, branding, project management, or marketing, we will customize a team of seasoned experts to resolve your challenges and grow your business.  

Oakleaf Group offers business and marketing services, fractional marketing services, brand management, and strategic planning and training programs. Assisted by a team of highly experienced independent entrepreneurs and consultants, Oakleaf Group brings broad acumen to the needs of small and medium sized businesses seeking new growth strategies. 

Oakleaf Group's positioning for success in the small and midsize business market is driven by a number of factors, including decades of experience, a broad service offering, the flexibility to meet client's growth needs, and a consortium model that taps expertise on an as needed basis. We are a results proven team of seasoned executives supported by high performance professionals. We have years of professional experience in areas of management, sales, business development, marketing and brand strategy. We use this expertise to build solid strategies, manage risk, uncover new opportunities and promote sustainable growth.


At Oakleaf, we customize each engagement. We strongly believe that meeting each client's specific need and seeing it through to successful implementation holds the greatest likelihood of (a) repeat business, (b) retained business, and (c) referrals and recommendations.

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