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Strategic Growth Initiative

Strategic growth is the cornerstone of the Oakleaf Group. Whether clients are looking to capitalize on their success or creating organic and inorganic strategies to grow their business, Oakleaf can quickly assess and form a plan to meet the clients' needs. We stay involved in each step of the process for as long as the client would like, seeing plans through to implementation.

Oakleaf Group includes a select group of seasoned professionals with successful track records. Our professionals know the value of wisdom, and possess the energy and drive to help others achieve tremendous business growth. Currently, we offer Finance and Accounting, Corporate Development and M&A, Workforce Performance Improvement, Videography, Web Development, and Operations. 

Why Oakleaf?

Strategy development and execution

  • Provide long-term strategies to develop and execute strategic initiatives

  • Stay engaged through completion and beyond to ensure project success

Expertise in organic and inorganic growth strategies

  • Comprehensive planning for global organic growth. Strategies may include product, service and channel development, partnering, licensing and acquisitions

  • Inorganic initiatives run in parallel with or after implementation of organic strategies

Objective driven

  • Develop tailored, optimized strategies to achieve identified goals

  • Success through focused and detailed implementation of growth strategies

Strategic Alternatives for Growth

…… a comprehensive strategy considers both organic and inorganic alternatives
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