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  • Brand Research


To get your brand where you want it, the first step is to figure out where it is now. Oakleaf Brand Strategy can find the answers you need about brand equity, consumer insights, the competitive landscape, pricing and other vital questions about the market.


  • Strategy Development


Your brand matters too much to just throw it out into the marketplace and hope for the best. It needs to be managed. It needs a plan. Oakleaf will help your team develop a strategy or create marketing plan that will serve as the blueprint for your brand’s success.


  • Brand Identity


Your brand presentation needs to look great and be consistent across all platforms. Beyond that, every piece of communication has to echo the same narrative about what the brand is and who it’s for. Oakleaf crafts logos, marketing collateral and signage designed to tell your brand’s story the way it deserves to be told.     


  • Packaging


A package is as much a part of your brand as what’s inside it. And between grabbing attention, enticing new customers to buy and standing out on the shelves among all the competition, it has a lot of work to do. Oakleaf Brand Strategy creates package designs that can do that kind of heavy lifting and make the cash registers ring.


  • Publications


The most powerful brands are those with the best stories. Oakleaf Brand Strategy publications combine crisp art direction and copywriting with strategic insights to produce a book that tells the story of your brand.


  • Digital Marketing


Navigating the digital marketing landscape can be a challenge. There is no shortage of consultants with opinions to offer, but too many of them focus on the digital and forget the marketing. Oakleaf Brand Strategy can help you make sense of all of the  social media, content marketing, SEO and other options and formulate a plan that makes the most sense for your brand.


  • Analytics


Every piece of your brand strategy needs to be evaluated to see what’s working and what needs to be adjusted. Whether it’s calculating the ROI of your marketing efforts, analyzing web traffic or measuring the outcome of a campaign,Oakleaf can provide a wide range of marketing analytics.   

Products and Services

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