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Welcome to the Oakleaf Brand Matters Blog

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Oakleaf Brand Strategy has been helping to build brands for close to two decades, but until now we haven't blogged about our work. Why are we starting now? There are a few reasons, actually.

For starters, we want to get the word out about how much brands matter. Because they do matter. A lot. We're kind of single-minded about that point, and we're going to dedicate this blog to essays, news links, case studies and anything else we can post to show all the ways that brands matter and why.

Another motivation behind this blog is that we believe that, at its heart, branding is all about storytelling. Think about the brands you are most familiar with, the ones you really care about. There's a compelling story behind all of them. Some of them have probably even managed to become part of your personal story. So, as branding experts, we can't resist the rich storytelling possibilities of having our own blog. We plan to use it to tell Oakleaf's story and stories about our successes.

And that brings us to our last reason for jumping into the blogosphere: we think that sharing informative and entertaining branding tips is a pretty effective way to persuade more people to explore what Oakleaf Brand Strategy is all about and how their brand can become another of our success stories. Shameless marketing? Yep. That's what we do. But we promise to keep the content fun and relevant and to stay away from the hard sell. After all, we want you to keep coming back and, hopefully, to become part of our ongoing conversation about brand matters.

Thanks for reading this our first post. Please keep an eye out for more, coming very soon!

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